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For over 10 years, EXOP has been successfully supporting individuals, small and medium-sized companies, world's leading insurance companies, large corporations, development organizations and authorities with mobility risk management products for activities worldwide. Based on state-of-the-art technology, our simple and flexible product design operates in real-time and significantly mitigates the risks to mobility workforces and locations.

With the introduction of X-ASSIST - The Mobility Risk Management Platform, EXOP has developed the only artificial intelligence (AI) end-to-end mobility risk management solution currently available on the market. X-ASSIST fully understands clients’ concerns and meets their challenges: it is highly automatised and ensures the security of employees, locations and assets, globally, 24/7.


Are you looking for a leading assistance service provider with a long tradition in medical care? The Malteser Organisation is one of the largest, most modern and experienced providers of medical assistance.

Are you looking for a partner providing professional and comprehensive security consulting worldwide? Corporate Trust offers risk and crisis management, personal protection, security management, investigations, business partner screenings, cyber security and forensics.

Are you looking for a reliable Swiss security partner? Lexxton is your first choice. Professional, integer and competent. Lexxton is providing security services to its customers in the fields of integral security, travel risk management and crisis management.

Do you expect consulting services as integrated risk management with a focus on security, safety and compliance according to international standards? GBP, part of the KOETTER group of companies, has a portfolio ranging from physical security, information security, defense against industrial espionage, occupational health and safety to BCM consulting.

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We partner with the best companies in the insurance industry to deliver the most reliable and advanced solutions on the market.

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