Since our first post on the Brazilian security crisis, the situation has deteriorated further, highlighted by a wave of violence before and during carnival in Rio de Janeiro. In spite of 17,000 security officers guarding the festivities, the celebrations were marred by armed clashes on thoroughfares and bands of juvenile delinquents assaulting tourists in comparably safe areas. Meanwhile, the gangland warfare in Rio’s favelas continues unabated, with fatalities among security forces and civilians caught in the crossfire.

President Temer Seeks Extreme Measure

In an unprecedented step since the end of the military dictatorship, President Michel Temer by decree intends to put the military in charge of security in the entire state of Rio de Janeiro, an unmistakable admission of the dismal situation in the city. However, fears are rising that this measure would rather lead to a further militarisation and thus intensification of the problem than to its solution, with a potentially grave impact on the population.

Brazil a Challenging Environment for Travellers and Expats

The recent developments have once again underlined the risks and threats that Brazil poses to business travellers and security managers. Apart from the occurrences in Rio de Janeiro, many of Brazil’s metropoles, among them São Paulo, Brasília and Salvador, bear risks that can be a challenge even to experienced travellers, necessitating a sound preparation for employees and reliable security management for business activities in Brazil.

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Photo credit: Agência Brasil | License: Creative Commons