On 03 March, militants staged a coordinated attack in Burkina Faso’s capital city. Several heavily armed men targeted the military headquarters and the French embassy in central Ouagadougou. According to initial insight, dozens of people may have been killed in what was likely a jihadist attack.

“Foreign travellers to Burkina Faso are exposed to a significant risk of targeted terrorist attacks.”

Previously, Ouagadougou was the scene of severe terrorist attacks in August 2017 as well as in January 2016. In both cases, jihadists presumably linked to Al-Qaeda targeted hotels and restaurants frequented by foreigners.

Due to the ideology and political objectives of these groups, foreign travellers to Burkina Faso are exposed to a particularly high risk of terrorism. The merger of several regional militant groups into Nusrat al-Islam highlights that jihadists in the region have been able to sustain a high degree of organisation. Continued political instability as well as the porous border with Mali make Burkina Faso highly susceptible to further complex attacks.