In the presidential election in Egypt from 26 to 28 March, a clear victory of incumbent Abdel Fattah el-Sisi is expected. Almost all potential contestants have withdrawn from the race, many of them citing threats and intimidation. Several organisations are boycotting the vote. In connection with the election, there is an increased risk of terrorist attacks and street protests, which would be likely to face a harsh reaction by security forces.

“While the outcome of the presidential election is clear, the security situation in Egypt is far from any stabilisation.”

Beyond the continuity that emanates from el-Sisi’s likely victory in the presidential election, the security situation in Egypt remains critical. In recent months, Egyptian security forces have increased action against alleged jihadists, supporters of the Arms of Egypt Movement (Hasm) and other groups close to the Muslim Brotherhood. In particular, the Egyptian military has intensified its operations against insurgents in Western Egypt and on the Sinai Peninsula.

A variety of countrywide or regional risks are of relevance to business activities in Egypt. Especially when planning business trips of foreigners, it is key to be aware of the specific risks and to keep track of changes in the security situation.


Recommendations for corporations

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