Depending on their scale, the envisaged American military strikes in Syria could trigger a military escalation with an impact on Israel. Israel’s involvement in the war in Syria is politically significant: most recently, on 09 April, seven members of the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps were killed in what was likely an Israeli air strike. In reaction, the Iranian leadership threatened Israel with retaliatory strikes. The Israeli military went on high alert, especially near the northern borders with Syria and Lebanon.

“The increasingly direct confrontations with Iran could lead to a significant deterioration of the security situation in Israel.”

This development comes after an incident in February in which the Syrian air defence shot down an Israeli military aircraft. Further confrontations of this kind on Syrian or Lebanese territory could have a direct impact on the security situation in Israel. The potential for a spontaneous escalation additionally increases due to the high level of tension regarding other conflicts with an Iranian involvement, especially in Yemen.

Which kinds of attacks on Israeli territory are possible during the coming weeks and months? How can I protect employees and sites in the country? Which reactions can be expected in case of more severe Israeli attacks on Iranian military targets or their allies? How can an escalation be detected as early as possible?

Photo credit: Major Ofer, Israeli Air Force | Source | License: Creative Commons

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