On 08 May, the American president Donald Trump declared to withdraw from the international agreement regarding Iran’s nuclear programme. Immediately after, Israel’s military carried out air strikes on alleged Iranian positions in Syria, as it had last done in April. Thus, the threat of a fully fledged military confrontation between Israel and Iran is further increasing, additionally fuelled by the success of Hezbollah in the Lebanese parliamentary elections on 06 May.

“For Israel, the coming weeks hold the biggest potential for an escalation in years.”

In parallel, the security situation in Israel is tense due to the American plan to formally move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem on 14 May. The Palestinian Hamas organisation has called for massive protests around this date. Resulting clashes may exceed the level of the most recent violence on the border with the Gaza Strip. Riots are to be expected in the West Bank and in Jerusalem as well.

While measures for de-escalation could still prevent a new war or a mass uprising, the risk of a spontaneous escalation is enormous in light of the multiple parallel conflicts. The potential impact on the security situation in Israel includes rocket attacks, terrorism and severe riots, depending on the region. Furthermore, restrictions to the freedom of movement might catch business travellers by surprise; for instance, options for leaving the country by air are largely limited to Ben Gurion International Airport. Thorough planning of trips under consideration of the specific local risks is strongly advisable.

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