Will the Downing of an Israeli Jet Raise the Escalation Level in the Region?

On 10 February 2018, Syrian air defence for the first time shot down an Israeli plane. Both Russia and Iran deny any involvement, yet both countries are known to strongly support the Syrian government, supplying the Assad regime with weapons and military upgrades. Experts are concerned that the conflict may escalate further, even speaking of a “new coming war” between Iran and Israel through Syrian territory with an involvement of Israel’s arch-enemy, Hezbollah.

“The attitude of Russia towards the Syrian regime is an essential factor for regional stability. If you want to understand future developments between Israel and Syria, one needs to understand Russian interests.”

Does this strike really mark a new phase in the hostilities between Syria and Israel? Is it indeed a beginning shift of power in the region, to the disadvantage of Israel? Is Israeli air supremacy at risk, and can we consequently expect more aggressive strikes from Syrian territory against Israeli targets in the upcoming weeks and months?

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