Mexico remains in the grip of a severe and worsening security crisis. Official numbers of the Mexican government have yet again emphasised the extent of the deteriorating situation. After three record-topping months regarding murders, it has become clear that 2017 will be the most violent year on record. Exceeding even the climax of the war on drugs in 2011, the turmoil and power struggles within the criminal underworld have brought Mexico to a new peak in the government’s apparently futile struggle against drugtrafficking organisations and cartels. Clashes over areas of influence and drug-trafficking routes and confrontations with police have resulted in rising murders across the country, with grave consequences for the safety of locals and visitors alike.

„While the risks to internationals continue to rise, there is little hope for an improvement of the situation anytime soon.“

Surge of Violent Crime

Apart from the spikes of murders, which have been accompanied by several high-profile killings of journalists, human rights advocates and politicians, violent crime has also surged in many states of Mexico, including hitherto comparably safe areas. While more and more criminal groups have found or are seeking new sources of income through, for example, armed robberies, extortion and kidnappings, and the security forces lack the capabilities and an efficient approach to contain the situation, the risks to international visitors will continue to grow.

Rising Threats to Internationals

Accordingly, Mexico is becoming an increasingly tasking environment for travellers, projects and business activities at large. Some areas previously considered to be among the safest in the country, which include tourist spots and business venues, have seen the most dramatic increases of violent crime in recent months, necessitating a close examination and re-evaluation of existing security concepts and procedures.

Photo credit: Claudio Toledo | License: Creative Commons