Elections for the Pakistani National Assembly as well as the provincial assemblies are scheduled for 25 July. During the run-up to the vote, political tensions have further increased with the arrest of former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and the opening of terrorism charges against key politicans of the Muslim League (PML-N). In addition, multiple targeted attacks on politicians, activists and journalists have occurred in recent months, including on Minister of Interior Ahsan Iqbal in Punjab Province in May and on a Supreme Court judge in Lahore in April.

„Besides attacks on individual politicians, further politically motivated terrorist attacks are likely in the run-up to the elections.“

Furthermore, during the election period, the risk of terrorist attacks has increased across Pakistan, including in the metropoles of Lahore and Karachi as well as in the capital Islamabad. Due to their potentially devastating scope, attacks pose a substantial threat to business travellers and expatriates even if they are originally directed against political parties or security forces. In particular the suppression of nationalist-jihadist organisations in Pakistan continues to be flawed, as highlighted by the country’s return to the Financial Action Task Force’s Grey List regarding terrorism financing in June.

Besides, outbursts of violence in the context of campaign rallies can have considerable effects on the feasibility of business trips to Pakistan. Especially in case of complications in the formation of a new government, street protests might increasingly escalate into violence. Moreover, mass rallies in Pakistan regularly constitute serious challenges to travel planning due to roadblocks, restricted access to airports or local curfews.

Security Managers are asking the following questions:

  1. Which types of terrorist attacks are likely in individual parts of the country?
  2. When and where to expect large-scale demonstrations?
  3. What are the threats and risks to my travellers and expatriates?
  4. What measures can I take to protect our employees, sites and business interests?

Recommendations for Security Managers

  • Use the intuitive X-ASSIST Risk Map to gain an overview of the security situation
  • Set up a Favourite in the section X-ASSIST Global Events and receive automated alert e-mails on current security incidents
  • Register your travellers, expats and sites with the X-ASSIST Travel Monitor to ensure a 24/7 monitoring in real time

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Photo credit: Khalid Mahmood | License: Creative Commons