On 25 March, several locations in Saudi Arabia were once more targeted by missiles launched in Yemen. At least one person was killed in the capital city, Riyadh; others were injured. With the attack, the Yemeni Houthi militia followed through on its most recent threat of 23 March.

“The new missile attack highlights the threat to civilians in large parts of Saudi Arabia.”

Saudi Arabia has a comprehensive missile defence system at its disposal. However, there are doubts regarding its capacity to withstand intensified attacks with technologically advanced missiles. Such attacks increasingly pose a significant threat to travellers and business activities in Saudi Arabia.

A further escalation in the regional conflict with Iran could lead to an additional deterioration of the security situation in Saudi Arabia, e.g. due to terrorist attacks by Shi’ite militants. Furthermore, allies of Saudi Arabia in the region, notably the United Arab Emirates, are increasingly subject to threats emanating from the conflict in Yemen.

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Photo credit: B.alotaby | License: Creative Commons