The security situation around the world is in a constant state of flux and varies strongly from country to country and region to region. With X-ADVICE, you can find the ideal report format that addresses your specific concern - starting from 350€/product.

In addition to our standard products, we offer customised services. Please contact us with your individual request.

Executive Brief

Gain a comprehensive view of the potential scenarios to support your strategic decision making.

Executive summary

Detailed catalogue of measures

Early Monitoring Guide

Management Brief

A concise depiction of the most relevant scenario, including the impact on employees and business activities.

Key scenario

Scenario-based recommendations

Indicators and impact

Management Advice

Gain confidence in your decision-making regarding current developments. Find out what specific measures your employees should take in response to events on location.

Operational recommendations on security measures

Assessment of security risks on the ground

Professional evaluation and assessment of the situation

Specific Travel Advice

Inform your travellers and expatriates comprehensively by providing a clear document with practical recommendations for action.

Helpful recommendations

Specific behaviour guidelines

Clear presentation of the security situation

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