Flexible procedures
Individual communication
Specific content


Global Risks
Global Events
Multi-source Tracking


Global Alerting
Risk Recommendations
24/7 Assistance


Automatic Emergency Identification
Automatic Emergency Communication
Automatic Real-time Status Reporting


24/7 Operation Centre
Worldwide Crisis Management
Global Response


The fully automated mobility risk management platform that automatically monitors all your travellers, expats and locations around the world based on your specific requirements. It includes global monitoring of events, global country & city risk analyses, monitoring of locations, travellers & expats and 24/7 crisis management – everything in one platform, with a high degree of automatisation and individually adjustable.

The state-of-the-art core technology (artificial intelligence) with fully automated and integrated processes enable a unique real-time management. The intuitive implementation, easy management and integration with other providers make it as simple as possible for you. The revolutionary client-specific configuration, minimal costs starting from EUR 99,-/ month and maximal contract cancellation options give you the most flexibility.




“It is critical for me to know as fast as possible if my employees are safe. Doing this on a global basis in real time is a breakthrough in security management.”

Head of Corporate Security - DAX 30 Company

“We love the flexibility that EXOP offers us. Travel Risk Management is no longer complicated, complex or expensive.”

Travel Security Manager - Leading Medium-Sized Company

“With this platform, we are revolutionising the way we support our expats and travellers. Mobility risk management has never been this easy.”

COO - Upcoming Small Enterprise


Inflexible processes and restrictive systems have so far imposed strong limitations on the mobility risk management of companies and organisations. X-ASSIST now gives you the ground-breaking option to adapt all processes, communication paths and contents to the needs of your enterprise or organisation.

Flexible adjustment of all processes

Individual configuration of all communication paths

Client-specific settings of all contents


Different user groups within companies and organisations have different information needs, but risk management databases have so far failed to live up to these various requirements. X-ASSIST makes the difference; you distribute the right information to your colleagues & staff.

Global risks displayed in state-of-the-art visualisations

Global event detection in real time through the use of AI components

Multi-source tracking for the optimal localisation of travellers, expats and locations


Direct assistance through appropriate recommendations and professional advice cannot be achieved by individual specialists alone. By combining high human expertise in crisis management with leading-edge technology, X-ASSIST delivers the most accurate and precise recommendations for your organisation, mobility workforces and assets.

Global alerting including adequate recommendations in real time

Holistic security, medical, business & liability recommendations for countries, cities and locations

24/7 individual assistance by experienced field experts


Mobility risk management has been highly manual in the past. Now X-ASSIST determines automatically whether an incident has an impact on your company, notifies your affected staff according to your specifications and informs you of the status of each individual traveller – worldwide, around the clock and in real time.

Automatic emergency identification for locations of travellers, expats and locations

Automatic emergency communication via phone, mail or short message service

Automatic client-specific real-time status reporting


In a crisis situation, you must be able to act fast in order to give your employees the assistance they need when they need it. EXOP’s 24/7 Operation Centre is at your disposal. But you also can integrate your in-house capacities, assistance provider or crisis consultant in X-ASSIST.

24/7 state-of-the-art operation centre

Worldwide crisis management & support by seasoned experts

Integration of client’s in-house capacities or existing providers


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